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We will see how long this story goes, there is quite a lot to tell, and it needs to be told. All of it is true, and happened about 8 years ago. I should preface this by saying I always considered myself straight, and still do, and have been in many long term relationships with women since this summer. I grew up in a very normal suburb in the midwest, and lived in the same house until I was about 20. My next door neighbor, Nick, was 3 years older than me, but we hung out quite a bit growing up. He sort of took me under his wing, and our families were close since we lived right next door. I honestly can't remember how old we were at the time, older teenagers at least, but we found my dad's stache of old porn tapes behind his desk, and it peaked our interest. We decided to watch them together as we were both curious. I remember watching the first and second tape with him and it wasn't very weird, but as an incredibly horny teenager, it felt odd not doing anything while watching it. Around the third tape we decided that it wouldn't be very weird to jerk off to them while watching it. Not jerking each other off, but just together in the same room while watching these. It still wasn't that weird. Over the next few weeks, we would figure out when one of our houses were empty, and we would watch the tapes together and jerk off together. At some point, Nick asked the question if we should jerk each other off, as he was curious and it seemed like the natural next step. It caught me off guard, but at that point I hadn't really been with many girls, and it somehow made sense to me that this would sort of be "practice" for later. I don't know, I was young. So we would jerk each other off, and I found myself really liking it. Even as I write this, 8 years later, I still get rock hard thinking about it. Nick had a much thicker cock that I had, his head seemed huge compared to mind. However he had a pretty severe curve in his dick which was a little odd, but it still did the job. I have a skinner dick, but it probably had 2-3 inches on Nick, I measure it at about 8-9 inches. So we jerked each other off for a while, and i enjoyed it. I honestly didn't really get much out of him jerking me off, but I really liked his cock in my hand, and stroking his shaft. Nick kept his cock and balls very well groomed, even at a young age, which I enjoyed. After that phase lasted for about a week, Nick wanted to suck my dick. That seemed like a pretty big jump to me, but we were pretty far down the path already, so it didn't take much convincing. However, at this point, I was pretty sure Nick was gay. He never said he was, and we always just said this was "practice" for girls, but it just felt odd. I guess he could have thought the same about me, which would have been fair, but oh well. So we popped on one of the tapes, and Nick went down on me. It was the first blowjob I had ever received, and it was amazing. He knew was he was doing, and as his mouth covered my dick he would play with my balls while he tried to deep throat my cock as far as he could. It didn't take long for me to blow my load, and he always wanted to swallow. It was my turn to return the favor, and while I had a bit of hesitation, it didn't take long for me to take his huge head and shaft down the back of my throat. I can vividly remember the first time I was doing it, and how much I liked it. He sat on my couch sort of slouched over while I got on my knees in front of him on the floor, and I really went to town. I really enjoyed sucking his cock, then taking it out of my mouth to lick of my spit on his shaft. I also loved just licking his balls up and down and spitting on his dick so I could slurp it back up. It drove him crazy, and it turned me on. The only area we felt differently on is when he wanted to cum, I pulled off and jerked him off, and he would cum on his stomach. I just never had the desire to have him blow his load in his mouthtrying to keep this story as honest as possible. So as you can image, after a few weeks of sucking each others dicks, the eventual conversation of fucking each other came up. It was clear I enjoyed dick, so I wasn't that against it, but we decided that if we were going to do this, I was going to fuck him in the beginning, and we would see how it went. Nick agreed. This is where I really remember things clear. My house was taken, but Nick's house was empty that day, so for whatever reason we decided to use his older brothers room for our first fuck session. I brought over our favorite porn tape from the collection, and we put it on. We put a towel down on the bed, and Nick began to suck me off to get me hard. It didn't take long, as he had gotten quite good at getting me rock hard. Once my dick looked like a flag pole, Nick got on all fours on the bed and faced the TV. I straddled him from behind, ready to fuck him from behind. We both had no idea what we were doing, and I tried to go in dry, which failed quickly. There was just no lubrication, and his asshole was as tight as could be. So we found some baby oilnot the smartest thing, but what the fuck, we were idiots and I lathered it on my still hard and excited cock. I remember how much Nick tensed up as my head was pressed against his asshole. I really had to force dick in, but we both wanted it so bad at that point, it didn't really matter from here on out, we were doing this. Once my head penetrated his hole, my dick slid in like a perfect fit. I can still remember the sounds of his moaning as I went thrust my dick into him back and forth. As I was slowly fucking him, he was jerking himself off with his back arched and it wasn't a minute in until he was cumming all over the towel we had laid out. When he was finished, he wanted my dick badly and flipped around before I knew what was happening, and took my dick right from his virgin asshole to his mouth, and finished me off within 30 seconds. It was the hottest moment I had ever been involved in, and still remember it like it was yesterday. I must have exploded a pint of cum in his mouth I was so turned out, and at that point he swallowed it all. This went on for another few weeks as the summer was coming to a close, but before it did, Nick obviously wanted to fuck me. It was a topic of debate for a few days, but I finally gave in. After all, it was only fair right? So during one of our next escapades, we decided it was time for my ass to take a pounding. For whatever reason I thought it made more sense for me to sit on his dick that take it doggie style. Nick laid down on the bed, got the baby oil out, and really covered his dick in it. He also put a bunch on his hand and rubbed it around and in my asshole to get me ready. I put my legs around his laid out body, and started to get into a squatting position around his dick. Nick grabbed his cock, and guided his head to press against my asshole. I knew it was going to hurt, but I was more than curious to experience the sensation. His head slide in a little easier than I envisioned, but once it got about an inch deep, it started to hurt like a motherfucker. I remember slapping his legs to tell him to slow down and take it easy, but at the same time, I enjoyed the pain, and just the thought of "Holy shit, I'm getting fucked in the ass right now, what the hell am I doing??" It turned me on. So Nick slowed down and eased his thick cock in and out of my asshole. After about 5 minutes, his hands were pressed hard against my hips and ass and he was bobbing me up and down on his cock. The pain was still there, but we got in a rhythm and it started to feel amazing. I began jerking myself off during the process, and remember blowing my load all over his floor as he was still behind me when I finally came. I decided I had gone through with this all the way, so I mine as well "finish it" and when I was done, I popped off his cock, slid his dick into my mouth, and enjoyed tasting myself as he climaxed. This went on for the summer on and off, but the fall hit, we both went to school and actually sort of lost touch. I haven't talked to Nick in about 5 years, but as you can tell, I still think about that summer. ThrowAway198810 3 s